How can you prepare for an SAP interview ?

Are you usually sweaty, sleep deprived and nervous during an interview? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is because most of us think of interviews as exams that we have to enter, give the right answers then leave, but entering an interview with this mentality is what makes us nervous. Instead, think of an interview as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and achievements while making them relevant to the job position. Here are a few other things that are useful to keep in mind:

  • Self-confidence: Have confidence in your experience, appearance, and ability to make conversation. This will reflect well on how the interviewers see you.
  • Research the job and the company: Check the company’s website before you go and ask insightful questions about the past, present, or future of the company to show you’re interested. Use keywords from the job description in your interview to demonstrate you have the skills they’re looking for.
  • Highlight your education: emphasize on the value of the SAP-related courses you have taken and show the interviewers that you have hands-on experience and that you have excelled in certain assignments or projects.
  • Practice answering questions in English.


  • Know what you’re talking about: Be prepared to discuss your previous project experience in coursework or internships in detail and be honest about your SAP experience. Expect to be asked general questions about SAP and specific questions about your module. Create a list of possible questions (you can find typical questions for SAP interviews online. Check this website: and prepare your own personalized answers. Don’t memorize the answers but try to understand the concepts behind the answers. Know your weaknesses, refresh your SAP knowledge and prepare to give answers to them with actual business examples.
  • Demonstrate your soft skills: Interviewers will ask you questions to understand how you’d behave in certain stressful or problematic situations, like having a client who resists the solution or receiving negative feedback. In some cases, it helps if you give them a relevant situation that has happened to you in the past and how you successfully resolved the problem. You also need to show them that you are flexible and a good team player. Other soft skills that you need to be prepared to show are persuasion, influencing, leadership and presentation skills. Demonstrating such skills says that you have what it takes to become a great consultant.
  • Do your research about the expected salary: To determine your appropriate market value, factor in your level, years of experience and career achievements then share your expected salary with confidence.

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