Getting Started with SAP? Here are some important tips to be a good SAP consultant.

Becoming an SAP consultant is a growth process that requires continual self-development at many levels. While increasing SAP knowledge is absolutely important for consultants, it can be worthless if not completed by mastering the needed soft skills. Excelling at both SAP and non-SAP levels should be the aim of every junior consultant who is looking for success in this field. Below is an explanation of the main points SAP consultants need to focus on regarding the SAP knowledge and soft skills.

  1. SAP knowledge:
    1. Know the module: SAP has a wide range of modules that are designed to cover all business aspects. Every consultant certified in a certain module is expected to have deep and detailed knowledge of what his/her module can offer and how it can be best used. This knowledge leads to higher productivity and efficiency.
    2. Know the industry: SAP consultants deal with different industries and each has its own distinct processes. For example, a car manufacturer will definitely have different processes from a pharmaceutical company. This makes it extremely important for SAP consultants to carefully study the industry they are dealing with. This knowledge helps consultants adopt the best-practice for each industry. Even in the same industry, every customer can have unique requirements. Consultants must know exactly what their customers expect from SAP, what their special requirements and processes are and how their work is done.
    3. Know the latest SAP technology trends: SAP constantly offers new products and cutting-edge technologies. In order not to fall behind, consultants need to regularly update their knowledge about the latest SAP products and keep in pace with technology.
  1. Soft skills:
    1. Presentation skills: SAP consultants spend a lot of time giving presentations and demos and organizing training sessions. That is why it is of great importance that consultants have good presentation skills in order to be able to sell their product, convince customers, and succeed as trainers.
    2. Negotiation skills: SAP consultants need to accurately identify their customers’ requirements and convince them to use the best-practice for their industry.
    3. Business writing: SAP consultants must have good writing skills since they are required to do a lot of documentation. They will be regularly asked to prepare GAP analyses, blueprints, client records and other paper work, which makes proper documentation absolutely vital for them.
    4. Teamwork and communication skills: Implementing SAP is never a one-man-show. It is usually a long process that involves many people working together on several factors. Proper communication, cooperation and coordination between the people involved are essential for achieving, the desired implementation objectives and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Becoming a successful SAP consultant may not be a simple, easily achieved thing. It is a challenging career that requires working on several skills and competencies at the same time, as well as developing both SAP knowledge and soft skills. However, for those who succeed in doing so, they are sure to find it highly rewarding and worthy.

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November 28, 2019

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