This contracting for Project Management Workshop course is designed to provide an overview of the contracting process and the role of the contract in the management of a project, as both a buyer and seller. The course covers all phases of contract formation and management, including client/project sponsor relationships, procurement and financial strategies, as well as the principles and concepts of contract law. In addition it covers important considerations in managing a contract with a client/project sponsor, and with different types of suppliers, including proposals, source selection, performance management, change management and risk management.

The course includes interactive course room discussions and team exercises to maximize the learning experience

After completing this Contracting For Project Management Workshop course, you should be able to:
  • Describe the purpose of a contract and different type of contracts
  • Identify the elements and components of a contract
  • Use contracts and practices in the contract management process
  • Describe the contract management process
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the contract management and project teams
  • Identify different contracting and contract financial strategies
  • Use contracting strategies and financial strategies as risk management tools
  • Identify the elements of a Statement of Work
  • Describe the importance of adhering to a structured, disciplined contract management process
  • Identify the benefits and risks of using suppliers
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the key participants in the contract management process Use contract provisions to mitigate risks
  •  Recognize supplier performance problems and take preventive/corrective actions to address and resolve them
  • Identify the steps in closing out a contract

Successful completion of Principles of Project Management (JP50) or equivalent course, or experience as a project manager.


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1 Week

Twice a week: Evening sessions @ 6 PM

Once a week: Full day sessions on Saturdays @ 10 AM

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