Technology is now the backbone of efficient business operations. Companies are seeking digital transformation to create a unified business ecosystem that can meet all their current needs.
That’s why Mirsan Rack Cabinets chose Jupiter software solutions to implement the latest SAP technology by implementing SAP S4/HANA to their business.

About Mirsan RackSAP S4hana Digital Transformation

Mirsan is the manufacturer of 19” Rack cabinets, cabinet accessories, Telecom held cabinets (indoor/outdoor), server and data center cabinets, outdoor boards, special projects, and fiber optical boxes.With its expert staff and high technology plant, Mirsan Rack presents products at a top quality standard, provides fast delivery period, post-sales support and customer satisfaction. With its innovation and constantly developing structure, it holds all cabinet and accessory infrastructure needed by today’s technology.
Thanks to its all originally manufactured (19”)3 frame GT series free standing cabinets, Mirsan Rack makes a difference in the 19” rack cabinet technology by allowing 100% productive use of the internal volume of 19” rack cabinet. In the light of its 20 years’ knowledge, background and experience, following today’s technology closely, Mirsan Rack provides its customers with the products required for present and future technological infrastructure.

Why Mirsan Chose SAP S4/HANA ?

Because SAP S4/HANA uses Master Recipes as a tool to optimize manufacturing, it proves to be greatly valuable software for manufacturing companies. A Master Recipe describes an enterprise-specific process that is used for manufacturing products. The ingredients required for a product’s process manufacturing, as well as the resources of its production, are stored in a Master Recipe. In SAP S/4HANA, Master Recipes are the primary source of data for the resources to be employed and the ingredients to be used to perform basic planning and execution of the process manufacturing operations. SAP S/4HANA focuses on the logistics of process manufacturing with a straight forward execution process, which facilitates the business process and workflow of Mirsan and guarantees a successful digital transformation process.
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