SAP Success factors is a leading cloud-based solution that manage the corporate/business individuals, SAP Success factors HCM suite. This suit is the magic wand for any business owner who cares about his/her employees’ adequacy; as it covers all possible business processes from recruiting to onboarding, master data handling, time management, payroll, legal reporting, performance management and goals, compensation, succession planning, internal and external learning and workforce analytics. It basically leaves nothing for chances. SAP SuccessFactors is the integrated, cloud-based HR software that helps you unleash the full potential of your people – and drive results right across your business.

SAP Success factors align employee talent with business goal to reach the optimum performance efficiently and effectively by improving performance and execution, also it delivers meaningful employee review.

SAP Success factors helps you with:

  1. Core HR and payroll
  2. Time and attendance management
  3. Recruiting and onboarding
  4. Performance and compensation
  5. Analytics and workforce planning
  6. Workplace transformation