With SAP Business Intelligence BI Making decisions anytime, anywhere will be much easier, Flexible and scalable, One Platform helps in digital enterprise transformation  through number of reporting, dashboards and self-service tools allow users to discover, share insights in real time and support your growth from a few users to tens of thousands of users.

The SAP Business Intelligence BI platform gives business users new perspectives that previously were difficult to obtain. The platform brings together the entire organization finance, human resources, operations, supply chain, marketing, and sales – for more agile decision-making. SAP BI provides analytics for everyone in the organization, along with collaboration. With access to over 200 different data sources, you will never meet a data source you do not like. Our solutions enable you to access and blend any data – big or small – with analytics, enabling greater insights to your data and providing unparalleled data source connectivity.

Empower your decision Makers with single unified reporting and visualizing platform